Monday, January 31, 2011

Heart of Refrigerator Glass
I'm in love with glass containers.
Specifically, fridge glass and canning jars.

The best is vintage fridge glass to store everything from bulk items to leftovers and so on.

It is soooo much better than plastic.
Why you ask?
Well, It washes better, is certainly sustainable and
fridge glass is so stylish!
You can buy reproduction styles as well if your not into shopping vintage.

The same flattery goes to canning jars.
They are not just for canning.
I store spices, nuts, legumes and all kinds of bits in them.

Here is a fabulous practice that I have adopted when I buy bulk items:

I carry my jars with me to the store.

Before I fill them,
I have them weighed to subtract the jars weight from the item I am filling them with.
The store I shop at encourages this practice.

Then, I proceed to fill them with goodies of my choice.

Voila! No extra plastic bags and pretty glass to show off your culinary delights.
Once I had plastic and it was a gas, soon turned out I heart refrigerator glass...

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