Sunday, January 23, 2011

Swabs-n-Balls-n-All that Jazz

C'mon babes, why don't we paint our nails
BaDaDaDa DaDa
And all that jazz....

So, one day I'm doing my nails and I think,
" Why am I using cotton balls to take my nail polish off when I could use a washcloth?"
Cotton balls do biodegrade but they are kind of a waste.
Sorry balls, I must move on.
Nail polish remover (acetone or non) will not damage a natural fiber.
It will on the other hand melt synthetic fibers.
So, I gave it a whirl...
Three years, same cotton washcloth and many mani/pedis later,
I have conserved cotton and own an abstract expressionist washcloth.

I've talked balls. Now I'm onto swabs.
The cotton swab, how I love thee.
I believe that honestly, all swabs are not created equal.
There is only one true swab that can get the job done.
This is not meant to be a plug so I won't say it's name but i'll give you a hint...
It's proper name starts with a "Q". It's true. Others do not compare to you.
I use you to perfect my make up, to groom and to do a plethora of household chores.
You are biodegradable and even though I use an excessive amount of you, I do not care.
I need you in my life.
You are truly fabulous with no chance of a replacement.
I pick my beauty battles wisely.

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