Sunday, February 27, 2011

Period State of Mind.

I love it and I hate it. Typical. I'm a contradiction in terms.
All of the trials and tribulations we go through when Auntie Flo comes to town.
She can be a total biotch, a snuggle rapist, ravenous, melancholy, etc.etc.
Mine has ebbed and flowed literally over the years.
I'm like a junkie where the most inane task seems to be an overwhelming quandry.
One thing I do know is that drugs don't help me and I don't like to take'em anyhoo.
My go to's period.
Keep moving on the go yet get lots of sleep.
Stay away from icey, sugary & starchy food but have a vodka cocktail or a glass of red wine.
Eat seeds like hemp, flax and pumpkin.
Leafy dark greens.
Sip as much thai soup as you stand.
Snuggle up on the couch and be good to yourself.
Take a toke if it's real bad and at the end of the day,
Let it ride baby....


Pick it up and sort that mess out!
In the past year, I have drastically minimized trash
by looking at it from a different perspective.
It all started when my man asked me,
"Why do you use trash bags to put the recycling in?
It is kind of redundant."
I was gobsmacked by my guys wisdom (who couldn't care less about "green" issues).
I totally thought about this.
It was so ridiculous.
Why would you use plastic trash bags to take out the recycling?
I decided then and there that trash bags in general
are just another needless mean to an end.
I have these great little waste baskets that I decided to start using for my trash,
plus our bathroom trash bin.
One for recyclables, one for garbage and one for whatevs.
Our trash bins are in the back of our pad
and we empty them every other day.
If they get dirty, we just rinse them out.
With food waste,
I learned that our green yard waste bin allows
vegan food waste
so I keep a container in the sink and empty into the yard waste!
Love it.
With other food waste, I just put it in a big bowl and empty it when I'm done cooking.
Pretty easy.
I have done away with practically all plastic.
Glass is where it's at.
I also had a truly important epiphany: Screw recyclable. Love compostable.
My trashy perspective is looking classier than ever.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Swabs-n-Balls-n-All That Jazz Part II

This is another, shall we say, branch of the swabs/balls post:
In addition to using a washcloth for your nail polish removal,
you can also rock sir washcloth for makeup removal!
The way I discovered this petit treat goes back a couple of years.
For X-mas one year, I received a Trucker Lady hand towel. For reals.
My style, maybe, in 2001. Maybe.
If my GF reads this who gave me the pres, love you!
In all fairness, I'm a picky bitch and REALLY difficult to shop for.
Digressing again. Sorry.
So, the trucker girl rested in my linen closet until
one day, idea/question/quandry?
"I'm using a towel to remove nail polish...why not makeup?"
I kind of had a cotton addiction.
At the time, my cotton purchases consisted of either
a fluffy parcel of 8$ cotton pads that are sooo luxurious to remove makeup
or pink cotton balls that controlled me with a super fascination.
Honestly, I would have kept on but was just sick to death of going through them so quickly.
To boot, a black smudgy washcloth just had a bad visual.
Then I remembered my black (hides the black smudges!)
and pink trucker girl hand towel. So I put her to work.
She removes my makeup everyday and it makes me feel fab in every way.

Makeup Removal Machine

Recently, I decided to try a new brand of liquid eyeliner and mascara.
Not only did I switch up the brand,
I also flipped up the application method of said eyeliner
by trying liquid in the bottle that you apply with a very fancy brush

Well, it's fabulous, but it's a bitch.
What doesn't kill vous, makes vous stronger.
Anyhoo, I digress.
My true point is that my new products are water proof.
The task of removal is laborious. Period.

One not-so-fine day, in perfect SER (that's me) fashion, I was out of makeup remover.
I possess this "Kramer" kind of idiosyncratic thing
where I see how long can I make it on fumes
You either know what I'm talking about or you don't
Basically I'm screwed and totally freaking out.
Enter proverbial light bulb.
My face moisturizer, duh.

I put it around my eyes and it is similar consistency.

So, I procure a tip (the Q type) and dab a smidge of moisturizer on it.
Then gently apply it to ye olde smudgy makeup. It totally works! Praise be!
My moisturizer doesn't sting my eyes.
I know some out there do so that judgment is up to you.