Sunday, February 13, 2011

Swabs-n-Balls-n-All That Jazz Part II

This is another, shall we say, branch of the swabs/balls post:
In addition to using a washcloth for your nail polish removal,
you can also rock sir washcloth for makeup removal!
The way I discovered this petit treat goes back a couple of years.
For X-mas one year, I received a Trucker Lady hand towel. For reals.
My style, maybe, in 2001. Maybe.
If my GF reads this who gave me the pres, love you!
In all fairness, I'm a picky bitch and REALLY difficult to shop for.
Digressing again. Sorry.
So, the trucker girl rested in my linen closet until
one day, idea/question/quandry?
"I'm using a towel to remove nail polish...why not makeup?"
I kind of had a cotton addiction.
At the time, my cotton purchases consisted of either
a fluffy parcel of 8$ cotton pads that are sooo luxurious to remove makeup
or pink cotton balls that controlled me with a super fascination.
Honestly, I would have kept on but was just sick to death of going through them so quickly.
To boot, a black smudgy washcloth just had a bad visual.
Then I remembered my black (hides the black smudges!)
and pink trucker girl hand towel. So I put her to work.
She removes my makeup everyday and it makes me feel fab in every way.

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