Sunday, April 24, 2011

Static Age

One day doing a load of laundry, I frowned to find that I was out of dryer sheets.
Boo hoo.
So I did some research because I thought,
"Why am I using them anyway??"
There simply must be a reusable alternate.
Ladies and gents, yes indeedy, there is and its' equation is as follows:
1 Cotton Washcloth
1 Spray Bottle
Hair Conditioner
Dilute 1/4 cup hair conditioner of your choice with the water
of your choice, in a spray bottle.
Shake up, spray on le washcloth and throw it in the dryer.
You can wash the cloth when needed and never ever rely on dryer sheets again.
My bathroom shelves were crowded with a plethora of half used conditioners.
Now, I had a use for them!
When I ran out of product, my fave conditioner that my hairdresser
warned me not to use on my dyed hair was an option once more.
Forlorn no longer,
I am happy to say that I can have my conditioner and smell it too.