Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gonna have to Face it,
(I'm addicted to powder)

I wear a considerable amount of make up.
My complexion is very fair.
My eyelashes are fortunately long yet clear, like fishing line.
My brows are sparse ( I over-plucked in a Harlow inspired frenzy, but that's another story).
I'm all eyes, brow and lips.
I despise heavy foundation makeup and prefer a light weight powder for my face.
That being said, I go through compacts like they are going out of style.
At the bitter end of each compact, there resides a corona of untouched powder.
I made it a mission to figure out how to use it so I started saving the compacts.
At the end of this past year with my crazy drawer ritual (see blog: Three Dried Muds)
I had a stack of compacts towered and teetering soon to become an avalanche.
Time to take action tout de suite.
White ceramic mortar and pestle
An orange stick
Bounty of compacts
Into the kitchen to commence my experiment!
I take the orange stick and chisel out all of the powder out of each compact and empty into the mortar.
I totally spaced which one was the mortar and which was the pestle and had to google it.
The bowl is the mortar;)
Then crush, crush, crush said powder.
I cannot believe how much powder was saved!
Now, where to put it???
I'm a pushover for packaging and had purchased a powder just for the box and brush.
Perf! I emptied out the powder I wasn't so keen on and replaced it with my new powder.
I did forget to note that this little endeavor renders your powder loose.
So, if you don't like loose powder, don't waste your precious time.

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