Sunday, January 30, 2011

Angel of the Morning Latte

Just call me angel, of the morning angel.... latte.
Can't always get a fix for my sick soy decaf or chai latte habit.
If they had a VIP card, I'd have a black one.
Either I'm running late or I get a rebel spark where I feel trapped the man,
the latte man, that is.
I came up with this solution to temper my latte habit.
Love my homemade latte in a pint glass, very SF.
My poisons of choice are either a decaf cafe or black tea with soy milk.
If I want it a bit sweet I'll add agave nectar.
The key is really the foaming of the milk.
It is tres ez when you have a a fabu little gadget
that is a called a hand held frother.
They range from 1.99 at that blue and yellow, four letter, swedish store to approx. 15 bux online.
I heart it. You can use it for cocktails and other delights too.
Choose your coffee, tea, or me (raaar),
pour into your fave cup, glass or what have you.
Then, take your milk and heat it.
I do mine via stove top.
When heated to your liking, froth away and pour atop bevy.
Yummers bitches.

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