Monday, January 10, 2011

Three Dried Muds

I have many before new years rituals.
The most laborious of these rituals is the detailed task of cleaning out all of my drawers.
It gets mad, simply mad.
As I am going through my beauty products I come across three different varieties of facial mud.
All marvelous. All dried up. All sad.
Instead of just throwing them out I think, light bulb...
What would happen if I rehydrated them??
I ask my girlfriend for her opinion. Casually, mind you.
Remarks that follow:
"OMG, gross", " That is like sooo unsanitary", "Ewwwwwww!".
I was asking more in the vein of, " Do you think that this will work?
Is it a waste of my time?"
It really didn't cross my mind that she would consider it "nasty".
Because.... It's MUD ladies and gentlemen that we are talking about. Ancient mud. From the earth. That you, darling, put on your face.
Are you kidding me? Why do I even ask?
Anyhoo, I totally try this experiment because
1. I heart a project and
2. I love a shallonge (a dramatic challenge).
I take the three dried muds and put them in my fave mint green mixing bowl, boil some distilled water and pour it over the unhappy, dried up mud.
Next, I muddle and mash the contents and add more water.
I decide to let it sit for a spell to moisten
(that word makes me cringe, ouch, but it is what needs to happen).
About an hour later... Success. It looks moist. I stir the now rehydrated, lovely mud and it's quite like whipped frosting. Yum.
I proceed to fold the fresh mud into a glass sealed jar and voila:
New Years Mud pour moi!

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